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Spotted this week in NYC

November 30, 2008

Penn Badgley & Blake Lively at the Australia New York Premiere

Queen B

November 25, 2008

Episode 12 Promo - It's A Wonderful Life

November 24, 2008

Spotted this week in NYC

November 23, 2008


NOVEMBER 17: Blake Lively (also there with Penn Badgley) at the 5th Anniversary of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund at Skylight Studios New York

According to Gawker Stalker:

November 16th: Blake Lively at Fanny K Bijoux in Nolita


Gossip Guys Are The Sexiest Men Alive

November 21, 2008

Both Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford make People's list of the Sexiest Men Alive for 2008. I can't really disagree here. Check out People.com for more.

The Magnificent Archibalds (Episode 211 QuickCap)

November 20, 2008

photo from the CW

Nate is back, and I am instantly happier than I was last week. The Archibald drama is really not all as exciting as the episode title would suggest. Nate's dad is back from the Caribbean which would have been a nice Turkey day surprise, except he wants Nate and his mom to come back with him. Mom is all about this, Nate is not. Daddy Archibald is VERY persistent so we know he's up to no good - and he is! The FBI comes looking for Nate (via Vanessa who enlists the help of Chuck...which makes so much sense?) to let him know that his father is planning some serious extortion and kidnapping here. Nate decides he's had enough of his father's crap and gives him an ultimatum, either he turns himself in or he escapes but leaves the family alone for good. Daddy Archibald does the right thing. Nate cries and I melt.

Blair's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving if you recall from last year. She wants nothing more than to have a perfect one, but Eleanor's new boyfriend Cyrus is getting in the way. He's changing her traditions, and worst of all is planning to propose to Eleanor during dinner! Blair attempts to protest this by skipping out on dinner with Darota the maid, but eventually gives in when her mother shows her some love. And it's a good thing she did, because Blair's dad made a surprise trip to NY for her...and to give Eleanor and Cyrus his blessing. Looks like Blair got her perfect Thanksgiving after all.

Serena is not comfortable with the whole Aaron dating multiple women thing, and Blair thinks she's ridiculous for even allowing it. Luckily, Aaron decides tonight that Serena is the only girl for him. He also lets her in on a little secret, he doesn't drink alcohol. Not a problem for most 17 year olds, but Serena has a long binge-drinking past that she's never told Aaron about. She tries to keep it a secret but Dan lets the cat out of the bag when he bumps into Aaron in the supermarket. Serena offers to give Aaron more juicy details about her past, but Aaron doesn't need to hear it. The past is the past and he's happy as long as Serena is honest with him now. Much swooning ensues.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, the Humphrey family is still consisting of two. Jenny hasn't come home yet and we finally find out where she's been hiding out. At the Bass/Van der Woodsen house with...Eric! Yes Eric is back this episode too! Lily finds out and gives Jenny a heart to heart before bringing in Rufus. Then she finds Jenny's emancipation papers and all bets are off! Enter Rufus telling Jenny how much he loves and misses her. She doesn't give in right away, but eventually Jenny remembers she's not THAT badass and hauls her ass home, leaving the black eye makeup behind (for now)!

Other mischief is going on in the Bass/Van der Woodsen household besides Jenny's stay there. Eric is suspicious that Bart knows so much about his life and Chuck shows him his father's secret stash of revealing documents. Bart keeps a file on all three VanDerWoodsens locked up with detailed information about all of their pasts. Lily is absolutely livid when she finds out Bart's been keeping tabs on all of them, and refuses to have Thanksgiving dinner with him. She takes Eric and heads to the Humphrey's pad instead, because it feels like home. Aw.

Vanessa is also at the Humphrey's for Turkey Day and makes up with Jenny for the Nate betrayal. She had spoken with Nate earlier during the FBI mess, and he told her he hasn't heard from Jenny in weeks. Vanessa accepted this and his proposal for a date down the road. All is well in Brooklyn for about five minutes, until Vanessa stumbles upon Jenny's unopened mail. There is a letter to her with Nate's return address. She rips it open and Nate basically said that he has to stay away from Jenny now that everybody knows about them, but he doesn't want to. Vanessa keeps the letter so Jenny doesn't get to read it. What would Thanksgiving be without at least one unresolved scandal!




Catch Up

November 17, 2008

I was out of town this weekend and I haven't had time to watch the new episode yet! OR finish recapping the last two. I'll be working on that this week - just letting you know.

I'm crossing my fingers that tonight's episode was a good one!

About xoxo

I love this show in a way I have never loved another. Really. The recaps are super long and opinionated. I'm entering late in the game but I'll catch up eventually. Or not. We'll see.



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Monday, December 1st
It's A Wonderful Life

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